valueUsing our business experience we help entrepreneurs and business owners build successful and financially sustainable companies. If you want to create growth, cash flow, profitability and business value that is sustainable and transferable, we can help. Whether your are a start-up or an existing business we can help you achieve your goals.



resultsPractical advice, timely ideas and hands-on tactics to increase revenues, profits and transferable business value.



starting-a-business➢ Business Incubators and specialized Mentoring Programs for start-ups and early stage companies with services designed specifically for young companies’ particular needs:

• Jumpstarbiz.net business incubator
• MAC6 Conscious Capitalism business incubator

➢ Advice and mentoring on how to focus your business idea and making sure a good idea is also a good business
➢ How to organize your business, look for business financing and determining the legal structure
➢ Developing business plans and road maps to ensure business success



growing-a-business➢ Being an entrepreneur can be a daunting task with many hats to wear, all competing for your time and effort. We will help you focus on working on (instead of in) your business, set clear goals and define the strategies and actions that will meet your goals.

• Developing business plans, financial plans and managing your cash flow
• Go to market strategies and marketing plans to get you the growth you want with a budget that you can afford
• Developing online marketing plans and how to tap the power of social media to promote your business
• Determining pricing for products and services and identifying the right sales strategy and sales compensation structure
• Determining the best approach to scale your business for growth and profits
• Help with bookkeeping and managing your taxes
• growing your business through referral marketing



transferrable-value➢ The most important reason to start and own a business is to create transferable value – building value for when you are ready to exit the business. By using a systematic approach to take control of the succession planning process we work to maximize the value business owners receive when they sell or transfer their businesses. You get independent advice and an owner-centered Exit Plan based on your goals, objectives and concerns.
➢ Transfer ownership and value as profitably as possible
➢ Maximize the financial potential of the business, relieving financial uncertainty so you can passionately pursue your personal goals
➢ Advice on exit planning and buying or selling a business



what-sets-us-apartAs highly successful and experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs we are committed to enriching the small business community through hands-on support, advice and coaching; helping business owners tackle today’s economic challenges and capitalize on today’s opportunities while remaining on the road to growth and success.

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