JumpStartBiz Program

There are two basic programs that business can take advantage of:

Client support charg


Clients will receive the highest level of individual support and advice available and is best suited for businesses that are prepared to dedicate the time and focus to making their business successful.

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The program begins with an in-depth needs assessment with the Advisory Board, outlining the key issues and challenges currently facing the business.  In conjunction with the development of vision and goals, a series of functional roadmaps are developed that will identify the actions and timing necessary to meet the goals.  Monthly and quarterly meetings are held to track results and make changes, as appropriate.  In addition, the clients will have access to specialist providers and advice in areas such as intellectual property, sales training, tax & accounting and funding.  JumpStartBiz prides itself on being a full-service provider for any issue or need that may arise.

associate support program


This program is better suited for the business that may be struggling with certain aspects of their business or who may not be ready for the full client program for a number of different reasons.   (Click on graphic to enlarge)


Associates will receive an upfront assessment of their business, together with a number of suggested actions that should be taken in different functional areas.  Subsequent quarterly meetings with a assigned mentor will track results and make changes as needed.  In addition they will be able to attend monthly seminars on topics of interest at no charge.  At some locations, Associates can utilize JumpStartBiz conference and meeting facilities.