Lynn Whitman


Lynn has over 30 years of business experience in a variety of positions, including Vice President of a major retail corporation and COO of a promotional marketing consortium. The predominance of Lynn’s experience is in the retail segment, including positions with Sears, Macy’s, The Broadway, Carter Hawley Hale and other regional retailers. She has experience in the financial side of the business, with a specialty in the credit card business and in the marketing side of the business with experience in direct mail, in-store marketing and other specialty marketing niches. For 7 years Lynn managed a diverse national consortium of specialty marketing businesses. Her responsibilities included supplier relationships, events, financials and catalog production. She served in advisory capacities on boards and committees to all of the major credit bureaus. She chaired a division of the National Retail Federation.


Lynn is a generalist with the ability to analyze a business’s strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace from a financial perspective, a competitive analysis and a service review. Her greatest strength is her creativity. She is able to approach each opportunity with vision and a strategy that will move the individual business forward. She believes in the power of relationships and knows how to help her business develop and capitalize on them. Lynn listens to her clients to make sure that she understands the dreams that they want to achieve, then helps them achieve them.


Lynn has worked as a small business advisor for the past 9 years. Her successes include working with a small contractor to quadruple their sales over the course of 18 months. She has developed business plans for several small businesses that have grown and prospered even in difficult economic times. She has clients in the construction trade, in retail business, manufacturing and a variety of other industries. She volunteers with several organizations, helping non-profit agencies maximize donations and other revenues as well as helping their clientele reach their full potentials